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Adventures in Social Skills

Adventures in Social Skills will be a series of workbooks and games based on fairy tale characters, that help teach students essential skills for socially appropriate behavior, and dealing with stress. They are written by a school psychologist using a cognitive behavior therapy approach, with original artwork throughout. Each book has 6 chapters covering different skills. They are ideal for short term counseling groups in a school setting, or can be used by parents at home. The Adventures in Social Skills game, will be a storybook board game that can be used with different cards that will go along with the workbooks. The first book will be available soon, and more are on their way. Topics will include: Family Change, Anger Management, Impulse Control, Coping Skills, Classroom Behavior, Self-Esteem and Friendship Skills. I am currently looking for a new illustrator, due to the death of good friend and illustrator Don Weed.

Coming soon:

Cinderella Lives On:

A Family Change Workbook

Written by Aurora Baxter & Illustrated by Don Weed

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